Aisle Width

Aisle Width: 1.6 meters

Space Utilisation

45% Space Utilisation


All pallets accessible


High Throughput Speeds


Specialist Forklift Options


Very Narrow aisle racking is generally used in warehouses which are a little tighter on space. A reduced aisle width of approximately 1.8 meters means floor space is much better utilized increasing it to 45%. Using a narrow aisle Forklift truck allows you to access all pallets, lifting higher and working faster than standard counterbalance trucks.

As trucks such as these do not turn in the aisles, they need a guide rail or wire guidance system. This allows them to manoeuvre around the racking with a high degree of accuracy

Advantages of this system:

The advantage of using wire guidance is that is it built within the floor which keeps it clear of obstructions and makes it easier to clean. Each pallet is easily accessible and this ensures good stock rotation and accessibility.

  • Enables high density storage utilizing floor area and roof height
  • Store pallets close together by reducing aisle widths up to 50% and store high
  • 100% accessibility to every pallet stored with narrow aisle trucks
  • Damage rate reduction, narrow aisle trucks are often guided by wire or rail

We are an independent supplier of pallet racking and are therefore not tied to one manufacturers system. We can offer whatever racking system we believe is the best for your needs or the most cost effective. Pallet racking is installed to meet the SEMA code of practice, a tried and trusted standard within the UK. (meeting FEM European Standards).

Initially pallet racking looks straight forward but the effective use of the warehouse space can be affected by the pallet racking design and the interface with different types of for lift truck.

Contact our sales team to discuss the best design to suit your warehouse needs.