Stamina handling is the sister company of we offer a full project design service and can offer new and used equipment.

Shelving comes in various types and for various purposes. To simplify it is probably best to categorize the shelving by its use and for this purpose :

    • Industrial, warehouse or stockroom shelving – robust shelving designed for use with general warehousing stock.


    • Office shelving – the shelving offered for an office environment is still robust but also more aesthetically appealing and with a number of accessories to accommodate items likely to be stored within an office environment such as lateral filling cradles and lever arch files etc.


    • Retail environments – In general we do not offer the gondola type shelving seen in a retail environment although some of our products are used within cash and carry and DIY type stores.


  • Home use – our products are designed for more heavier duty storage then that traditionally used in the home environment, but our shelving can be used to create storage areas in garages/sheds for example.