The Mobile shelving is fitted to mobile bases that can be moved to gain access between them, hence often only one aisle is needed within a block of shelving. This can double the capacity within an area in some circumstances. This is particularly useful within archive stores where access is limited and in retail store rooms where the retailer wants to maximise the store selling space and hence minimise the back of store storage shelving.

Advantages of using this system:

  • Each unit is closely packed together without aisle space, this means minimal aisle space is needed, getting the most out of your storage area
  • Units are usually put onto tracks, this allows the units to be moved easily with minimal effort

The best part of this system is that they are compact and can fit into almost any room without much problem. As they are mobile, they can also be shifted from one place to another giving you the advantage of choice and convenience.

They come in a range of different colours, materials and sizes. With all these features, you can create an appropriate system for yourself depending on your space available and office decor.