Aisle Width

Aisle Width: 2.5-4.0 meters

Space Utilisation

80% Space Utilisation


All palletsĀ accessible


High Throughput Speeds


StandardĀ Forklift Options


The Mobile pallet racking comprises units of conventional pallet racking mounted on a steel framed base. This racking system is installed over guided mobile bases that slide laterally, thus eliminating the need for aisles, which open up only when accessed. The wheels run along a track set into the floor. Varying rack configurations and bogie types are available to suit single bay loads of up to 15 tonnes and run lengths of up to 30 meters.

The operator gives the order to automatically open the unit, either by remote control or manually by triggering a switch. The mobile bases have motors, sliders and several safety systems to guarantee a safe and efficient operation.

Advantages of this system:

  • Optimal system for cold stores (both refrigeration and freezer types)
  • Save up to 40% of the space required by conventional pallet racking
  • Each pallet is supported individually so damage from crushing is eliminated
  • Elimination of individual access aisles
  • Modular design adapts to any requirement

We are an independent supplier of pallet racking and are therefore not tied to one manufacturers system. We can offer whatever racking system we believe is the best for your needs or the most cost effective. Pallet racking is installed to meet the SEMA code of practice, a tried and trusted standard within the UK. (meeting FEM European Standards).

Initially pallet racking looks straight forward but the effective use of the warehouse space can be affected by the pallet racking design and the interface with different types of for lift truck.

Contact our sales team to discuss the best design to suit your warehouse needs.