Is my racking safe?


With reference to the Health and Safety Work Act which places personal responsibility upon employers and employees to work within the law and eliminate unsafe practices. Employers must provide a safe working environment, and employees must act in such a manner to ensure his or her safety and that of their work colleagues.

Pallet Racking uprights are manufactured from a roll of flat steel and bent in such a way to give its strength for down load capacities.

Pallet Racking is used to store products and if not maintained will become a dangerous piece of equipment.

As soon as the upright or bracing is damaged the load carrying capacity is reduced and the greater the damage the greater the reduction in its strength until the upright collapses at its normal working load. You cannot eliminate all of the risk of collapse but you can help to reduce it by carrying out simple procedures. In a worse case scenario that a collapse happens on your premises one of the questions which will be asked is “what measures were taken to prevent a collapse” and you would be required to produce evidence relating to this.

Accidents happen and with the extreme force of a forklift truck hitting an upright it does not take much to damage it.

YES! it costs money to carry out repairs but this will save you a lot more if a collapse happens.
Don’t leave it to chance, the repercussions of an accident in the workplace can be devastating to both the company and individuals involved!

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