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Aisle Width

Aisle Width: 3-4 meters

Space Utilisation

85% Space Utilisation


Pallet Accessibility Reduced


Low Throughput Speeds


Conventional Forklift Options


Drive In racking is an ideal system for large quantities of the same type of product. It works on the principle of first in last out so is not particularly good for stock rotation. It is often possible to in practice double the racking capacity of conventional pallet racking system.

It is a variation to block stacking. Sharing many of the same characteristics in that you have to move the last pallet to get to the next to last pallet etc. Drive in racking can be used instead of block stacking where the pallets are likely to crush one another when stacked on top of each other.

Drive In racking is often referred to as Deep storage which was a Dexion trade name. Drive In racking is constructed from a collection of frames not joined together by beams hence there is a large unsupported strut especially in higher installation. Attached to these frames are rails which the edge of the pallets sit on.

Drive In racking needs to have good quality pallets and the installation needs to be designed well.

For a number of years we have supplied and maintained drive in racking at Cott Beverages at Nelson. The products stored are pallets of drinks so the weights are particularly high. As pallets are loaded on to the side of curtain sider lorries the customer wanted to store the pallets on the narrow side thus having only a narrow aisle between the drive in racking uprights. The installation can be relatively high with racking frames up to 10.3 meters. This required an exceptionally strong and robust upright and not many racking manufacturers can offer an upright substantial enough for such loads. We installed the Torri PN140 system which was adequate for the loads being imposed. In total in excess of 15000 pallet positions have been installed on the site.

Advantages of this system:

  • Provides a very high storage density and maximises space
  • Each pallet is supported individually so damage from crushing is eliminated

We are an independent supplier of pallet racking and are therefore not tied to one manufacturers system. We can offer whatever racking system we believe is the best for your needs or the most cost effective. Pallet racking is installed to meet the SEMA code of practice, a tried and trusted standard within the UK. (meeting FEM European Standards).

Initially pallet racking looks straight forward but the effective use of the warehouse space can be affected by the pallet racking design and the interface with different types of for lift truck.

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