Choosing the right combination of warehouse, racking, and forklift truck in addition to keeping costs low is not easy. Stamina Handling has launched a new tool, the Best Truck Search, to aid your decision. A lot of buyers will choose the cheapest racking when fitting out a new warehouse, this is not necessarily the most cost effective storage solution and in many cases buyers can end up paying for a bigger warehouse than the business needs. There are a number of considerations when choosing the right storage solution; the cost of the warehouse floor space, the cost of racking, the cost of the forklift truck, as well as the cost of operating the warehouse. The Best Truck search allows the user to input the warehouse details, pallet load dimensions, the cost of the warehouse space and the cost of staff. They are then given a typical cost per month for racking types, along with suitable truck, as well as including staffing and warehouse cost. It also gives an instant drawing, this is not intended as a final warehouse solution but allows the user to have an idea of the real cost of warehouse storage.

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