Aisle Width

Aisle Width: 1.6-5.0 meters

Space Utilisation

Space Utilisation: Depends on Truck


100% Accessibility


High Throughput Speeds


Various Forklift Options


This is the most common form of pallet racking. APR is a system of beams clipped into frames. In general the beams support the pallet but on occasions the pallet is also supported by timber decking, mesh decking or pallet support bars.

Adjustable pallet racking allows beam levels to be raised, lowered, added in or taken out depending on your requirements (they come in all sorts of configurations).

Advantages of this system:

  • Adaptable (can be used on any type of unit load or forklift truck)
  • Accessible (allows immediate access to all unit loads and/or references stored)
  • Dynamic (it is easily assembled and/or disassembled, and the components can be easily replaced and/or added)

Adjustable pallet racking systems come in all sorts of configurations, but the importance of getting the basics right is fundamental. For a safe and efficient operation, the racking system must be designed to fit and function with both the handling equipment and the load.

Adjustable Pallet Racking Beams & Uprights

The main features of adjustable pallet racking are, the beams and uprights, as outlined below:

  • Pallet Racking Beams are roll formed from high quality steel and depending on beam type have either one or two sections. These sections are welded to the anchor plates and then powder coated. Our experienced sales team will recommend the most suitable racking beam for your requirements.
  • Pallet Racking Uprights are available in various widths to give bay loads of up to 35 tonnes. (Should bay loads in excess of this figure be required, please contact our sales team for free professional advice). Each racking upright is roll formed from high quality steel before being powder coated.

We are an independent supplier of pallet racking and are therefore not tied to one manufacturers system. We can offer whatever racking system we believe is the best for your needs or the most cost effective. Pallet racking is installed to meet the SEMA code of practice, a tried and trusted standard within the UK. (meeting FEM European Standards).

Initially pallet racking looks straight forward but the effective use of the warehouse space can be affected by the pallet racking design and the interface with different types of for lift truck.

Contact our sales team to discuss the best design to suit your warehouse needs.